Article: Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) – Sylvia Day

Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) – Sylvia Day

One thought on “Article: Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) – Sylvia Day

  1. Sylvia Day, has such an uncanny ability to get under her reader’s skin, creating a skillcare not many Author’s find easy to produce. After reading many of Sylvia’s book’s “Reflected In You” is another perfect example of the author showing her inate skill of becoming part of her characters and presenting to us the quality of her writing while we travel with the characters through this story and experience everything they are going through. In real life situations, much of what Sylvia relays onto the pages is acurate, this particular story gives an astute awareness of the numerous way’s people can ping pong between understanding and not understanding exactly what other’s are going through on so many different levels. We all experience emotions and the effects other’s have on us differently, and as presented in this book “Reflected In You” Sylvia has again given us a superb view of how we can all feel so differently about a particular subject.


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