Adventures in La-La Land, on #LisaBurtonRadio

You got to check out this interview with Lisa Burton and Fish from LaLaLand. This had me laughing right along side with each of the character’s, you really do need to have a look at this.

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Coming at you with 1.21 jigawatts of power, it’s Lisa Burton Radio, the only show where I interview the characters from the books you love. My special guest today is Moe Fishbein. He lives in LA, and dabbles a little in skip tracing, vehicular repossession, and even the law on rare occasions. “Welcome to the show, Moe.”

“Good to meetcha, Lisa. But please…my friends just call me Fish.”

“Lawyers make bank, and I’ll bet Los Angeles is an interesting market. Why would someone walk away from that kind of career to go solo?”

“You ever heard of a law firm called Uptight, Rigid, Repressed and Lipshitz? Hey, if somebody – or some government agency – is hassling you and you’ve got the bucks, they’ve got the power, the muscle and the connections to make it go annoy somebody else. I was an associate there for almost five years, then I…

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in La-La Land, on #LisaBurtonRadio

  1. THANK YOU, Michelle, for the re-blog! If Iwas one of those guys trained to drive on the other side of the road, I’d say you got me highly ‘chuffed’. But, being from L.A., I’ll just let Kenny, Big Dog Recoveries’ Sr VP for All Things Gnarly and Dudical, answer by saying, “Wuhh…Dude, you like, totally rawk!”
    “Uh, like, Dudess?”
    “Lady Dude?”
    THANKS, Michelle!!!

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