☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars
Fallen Alpha  Book 3
Autor:  Rebecca Royce
Reviewer:  Stephanie Jordan
Do I have to say it again? If you have read my reviews for Ms. Royce you know I call her “Golden” every book she’s has written and no I have not read them all but close, each book holds you, you can’t put it down unless a house fire! OMG, So Intense!!
Alpha Savage Chaucer of San Francisco is well known for his kindness and brutality. He is also well known for the owner of a Club they called him the dream maker, the giver of dreams, that nothing is off limits, women , would  travel from far away for his heat orgies. One such she-wolf was Sydney Dyke she was in heat and a virgin, she just wanted to play before she died next week. The Garto-Wolf would come for the first-born female. That was Sydney!  Believe me there is a lot more than this little tidbit you just have to read it…..

My Personal Stars Scores

Book Cover Rating 5+++++ Stars
Hero Rating 5++++++++++++++++ Stars
Heroine Rating 5+++++++++++++ Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5++++++++++ Stars
Sex Scenes Rating 5++++++  Stars
Plot Development Rating 5 Stars
Dialogue 5 Stars
Overall Rating 5++++++++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5 ++ Stars
StoryEnding Rating 5+++ actually 100 Stars
Would I Reread This Book? Undeniably.
Would I Read Future Books By This Author? Beyond a doubt!!

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