Title: Love Beyond Oceans
The Outsiders Series Book 6

Author: Rebecca Royce

Reviewed by: Stephanie Jordan


Does this women ever sleep? I mean how many books does this make for Ms. Royce
every book I have read of hers are well written, so we’ll that I can’t put it down till the end. And of course this book is no exception.
Marina Moore doesn’t remember anything and her powers are gone. She has been held in this cave for 6 months these people keep telling she’s an Outsider, but she can’t be. And this man named Drew keeps talking I don’t know him. I need to get away. Well we all have heard the saying be careful what you wish for. Sebastian took Marina to an island with Alexa who keeps talking about the cult. But than something happens to Marina the pain is earth shattering and her nose is bleeding what’s going on?
 Drew Dubowski keeps trying to stay away from Marina she just won’t leave him alone.
Now 6 months later he wishes he had made some kind of friendly relationship with her. Oh, he knew he loved her so very much but he had to stay away he had to protect her from himself. It’s getting harder and harder to do but things have changed now that she lost her memory of him and her powers he had to stay close to protect her. Than Sebastian came and took her, Drew has to find her, he needs to protect her. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

My Personal Stars Scores

Hero Rating 5++++++++ Stars
Heroine Rating 5+++++++++Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5 Stars
Sex Scenes Rating 5  Stars
Plot Development Rating 5  Stars
Dialogue Stars 5  Stars
Overall Rating 5+++++++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5+++++++++   Stars
StoryEnding Rating 5++++++++   Stars
Would I Reread This Book?? You know it.
Would I Read Future Books By This Author?  Till they day I can’t read anymore.

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