Title: Preferred Prey
Sons of Fenris MC Book 1
 ~ Bite of the Moon

Author: Erika Masten

Reviewer: Stephanie Jordan

First off I would say this book was unexpected for me. As this is the 1st book of Ms. Masten I have read, it sure won’t be the last. This lady blew me away with the suspense, the emotions of all the characters and OMG let’s not forget the hot steamy sex. Yes, this is series of the
Sons of Fenris MC is going to be phenomenal.
Tabitha Vallins has been kicked around and abused all her life going from one foster home to another. The only thing that made it barrable was Finn her protector. But four years ago that changed and Finn took off to save her from himself. So for three weeks now she has worked at the strip club Skin waiting for Finn to come, see she was a latent wolf and she wanted to shift so if he bit her…. Walla!!!
Finn McCaffrey couldn’t believe Tabitha was there. He had to get away from her. Knowing she was latent and what she wanted he wanted to run again like the 1st times run as fast a he could. It’s the only way to protect her from his Fenris Wolf. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

My Personal Stars Scores

Book Cover Rating 5 Stars
Hero Rating 5+++ Stars
Heroine Rating 5 Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5+++++ Stars
Sex Scenes Rating 5++++++++++++++Stars
Plot Development Rating 5 Stars
Dialogue 5 Stars
Overall Rating 5+++++++++++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5++++ Stars
StoryEnding Rating 5+++++++++ Stars
Would I Reread This Book?? Undeniably
Would I Read Future Books By This Author?  Yes in a Heart Beat

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