Title : Taming the Monster: A Taming the Alpha Big Box Set of Spicy Paranormal Romance Tales of Alpha Males, Shifters, Monsters, Creatures, Beasts, Demons.

Mandy M. Roth – Prince of Flight
(King of Prey World)
Michelle M. Pillow – Stranded with the Cajun (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter)
Carina Wilder – Hunted
Cristina Rayne – Seeking the Oni (Incarnations of Myth)
Eve Vaughn – Thief
Jaide Fox – Alien Disruption
(Captured by Aliens)
JC Andrijeski – The Rings Fighter
(Alien Apocalypse)
Kim Knox – Something Wicked
Michele Bardsley – A Damned Deed
(Deed Brothers)
Renee George – A Door to Midnight (Midnight Shift)
Mandy Rosko – Gonna Make You Howl (Dangerous Creatures)
Tracey H. Kitts – Sacrifice
Ella Drake – Kilt in Space (Space Grit)
Jaycee Clark – The Sandman
Candice Gilmer – Guarding Her Secret
(The Mythicals)
Lexy Cole – Billionaire Shifters in Manhattan (The Wolves of Central Park)
Jessica Collins – The Singularity

Reviewer: Stephanie Jordan


WOW what a Big Box Set, I can’t believe all these Author’s (mostly my favorites too) got together and made this happen. It’s just fantastic. Sorry to say I have only read one and plan to finish reading later.
I read Prince of Flight, of the King of Prey Series, Book 6 From the storyteller Mandy Roth who has written this beautiful, sad and happy story, of torture, pain and suffering and love of two people that were made for each other.
Keonae also none as Keon, will always remember what the Vultures did to him when they held him prisoner. He was scared for life inside and out after the betrayal of someone close. Staying in the human realm for now he frequently went to this hole in the wall bar. Keon was the Immortal Prince
of the Buteos Regalis or Royal Hawks.
 Bird  Shifters from the realm of Accipitridae. Keon is one of the higher ups in the royal line if he was to take up his station. Setting that aside he was thinking about Lark. Always thinking about her, it was like he was being pulled to her always having to see her.
Lark was a waitress/bartender at the bar the passed 4 weeks and really had to leave soon. She’s been on the run and never stayed in one place long, to stay to long could mean her death. But for reasons unclear to her, she was attracted to Keon  and just couldn’t leave. He was such a hot, bad ass biker and she wanted him. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

My Personal Stars Scores

Book Cover Rating 5 Stars
Hero Rating 5+ Stars
Heroine Rating 5 Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5+ Stars
Sex Scenes Rating 5 Stars
Plot Development Rating 5 Stars
Dialogue Stars 5  Stars
Overall Rating  5++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5 Stars
StoryEnding Rating  5++ Stars
Would I Reread This Book?? Yes
Would I Read Future Books By This Author? In a New York Minute.

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