Title: Unveil My Heart
A Wiccan Haus Story   

Author:  Nya Rayne

Reviewer: Stephanie Jordan


WOW Another GREAT HIT for
The Wiccan Haus though this is my first read for this author, I really love this Series.
To me every book on the island is different and I would say you could read them as a stand alone BUT if I were you I’d read them all. Believe me you won’t regret it.
Hayze is an Anubi who has lived many millenniums, he never thought he would hear the words which signal he is meeting  the other half of his soul let alone saving her from  death by a Yazaron.
Blaine has to be the most unluckiest person in the world. And if anything good should happen her unluckiness will be ten times worse. Blaine knew better than to believe in anyone especially Hayze, who has 3 days left. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

My Personal Stars Scores

Book Cover Rating 4 Stars
Hero Rating 5++++++++++++Stars
Heroine Rating 4 +++Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5++Stars
Plot Development Rating 5+++++++++Stars
Dialogue Stars 5+++++++ Stars
Overall Rating 5+++++++++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5 Stars
StoryEnding Rating 5+++++++ Stars
Would I Reread This Book?? DEFINITELY
Would I Read Future Books By This Author?
Yes I would.

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