Title: Winter Secrets  
Black Hills Wolves 
Winter Solstice Run Book 3  

Author: Melissa Limoges

Reviewer: Stephanie Jordan

The say the first year is the hardest when you get married. Especially after the honeymoon is over, guess that includes wolf mates too.
Kate Matthews had a lot of issues, for one her wolf was never around. Plus she’s only shifted once in her life, with her mate but that was it. Her wolf would not talk to her not one word. Not only was her wolf a problem but Stephen Dorsett her mate keeps bugging Kate to go to the Winter Solstice Run, but what if she can’t shift in front of everyone that would  embarrass Stephen more. No Kate would just not go to the Run. Oh so many problems to make matters worse Stephen was working early morning till way after midnight and they were always fighting. NOW Kate finds out she’s pregnant. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

My Personal Stars Scores

Book Cover Rating 5++ Stars
Hero Rating 5 Stars
Heroine Rating 5 Stars
Sexual Tension Rating 5 Stars
Sex Scenes Rating 5++ Stars
Plot Development Rating 5 Stars
Dialogue 5 Stars
Overall Rating 5++++ Stars
Storytelling Rating 5+ Stars
StoryEnding Rating Stars
Would I Reread This Book?? Yes I would..
Would I Read Future Books By This Author?
This is my 1st book from her I’m quite impressed.

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