Kodiak Bloodline Series Book Three

Author: J.K. Snow

Reviewed: Stephanie Jordan


Ms. Snow is an amazing writer. Yes, you will be sitting on the edge trying to read faster so you can solve the next chapter, and the next, and the next chapter again. Bloodlines Book Three continues where we left off at the end of Book Two.
Jordan had to get to her sister, she didn’t trust that Lennox and Jude wouldn’t try to do anything and Mamma Sable oh God forbid she do something,  I mean hadn’t she done enough 14 years ago. They killed her parents and made them forget who they are. That was unforgivable, justice needed to be served. But first to get Sonja.
They were waiting for them, they knew Jordan would come back for Sonja. Jordan had to get past Mamma Sable but she had wolfs bane which made Jordan weak and powerless. Sable just wasn’t fast enough.
Changing into her white wolf Jordan broke Sonja’s door down. Seeing Sonja in the corner scared  Jordan rusher over and changed to her human form. This was too much for Sonja, she passed out. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

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