Title:                Bear Meets Girl
                Order Of Protection Series
Author:            Catherine Vale
Reviewed by:  Stephanie Jordan
I really enjoyed Ms. Vale’s first book in her new series. The characters seem to match the atmosphere of San Francisco.
Angela Mason is a Protector of the Supernatural plus she’s a Bear Shifter, while at a bar on her day off and feeling uneasy she called her partner Raina Madison to meet her at Crazy Horse Bar. Raina started dancing with a dark fae, then all hell broke loose. A Vampire and Werewolf decided each needed an apology so doing her job as a Protector, Angela try to arrest them she needed back up where was Raina?
Cole Avery is a Mage, Shifter, Mercenary, he has always been different but used to the rejections from everyone he saw, it was in their eyes. Hearing the Vampire thwart the Protector he knew he had to help. Which he did, once all was secure he was out of there but not before he felt the heat and zap looking into the Protector’s eyes. Being called into Chief Madison’s office made Angela sweat than when she was told she had to work with Cole looking to find her partner, she knew something was really wrong. Raina Madison was the Chiefs daughter, my partner, was kidnapped and they just received a ransomed note. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

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