Title:  Lure of the Bear    Book 3
Aloha Shifters:Jewels of the Heart 
Release Date:  #AlreadyReleased
Author: Anna Lowe
Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
Genre: #PRN #BearShifters #WolfShifters
There’s no words that I can say that will justify how Phenomenal, Extraordinary, Amazing, Sensational, lol enough big words just know that this lady really knows how to keep you reading. You need to read all the way to the end, you have to finish it but then once you’re finished your dying for the next book. Yes Ms. Anna gives you everything that you would want in a book and then some.
Boone is a Wolf Shifter, Hunter is a Grizzly Bear Shifter, Cruz is a Tiger Shifter, Kai is a Dragon Shifter. All five of them were part of a secret elite military corps. Each one has his own Demons.
           ****(( Copied from book))****
Here’s the plan, Silas had said. I got us the caretaker’s contract at an amazing estate. We’ll form an exclusive private investigator/ bodyguard agency. We’ll pick and choose the cases we take. Earn good money. Live the good life.
     Hunter Bjornvald is a Grizzly Bear Shifter he has known Dawn Meli (who is a human Police Officer) for fifteen years, since high school and there 1st kiss, he also knew she was his mate. Dawn has given Hunter so many speeding, it’s really a game for Hunter. Always when he leaves Koa Point’s he speeds knowing where she will be clocking him, sure enough sirens were on. When Boone was saving his mate everyone ran to help. Dawn was sent there by the police department. She couldn’t believe eyes they all turned into animals. A wolf that was fighting came after her and just as she thought he was going to get her Hunter turned into a bear he will never forget how Dawn was backing away in horror. His destined mate, rejecting him. The boy’s were hired as extra security for the resort the the biggest ever. Dawn was told she had to work there too. Talk about FATE! Hunters tongue became untied a little trying to talk to Dawn. He was in heaven, but things changed fast, will he be able to save Dawn? Will Dawn be able to save him?
     A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

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