Title: Promiscuous Wolf
Black Hills Wolves Series

Author: Mahalia Levey

Reviewed: Stephanie Jordan


Mahalia Levey is another new author for me to read. I have to say she got me right into the box. From the beginning I was hooked, it lag several times but all in all to story was HOT..
Caress Galveston and her twin brothers, Ravage and Raze lived in Colorado with human. Very seldom did they run as Wolves but that was 6 months ago. Ravage wanted Caress to learn about Pack life so they moved to the Black Hills, Los Lobos with Drew as there Alpha. Caress belonged to a fight Club in college and her brothers drilled into her how to fight so she could defend herself. One night two guys who wanted some action followed and ramed her SUV sending Caress and Myanna (Caress BFF ) in a tail spin, causing the SUV to shut down forever. Calling for help Caress knew only she could defend them. When Myanna screamed out Caress noticed the second  man cut her from here mouth to her ear. That was it for Caress leaping onto the man Caress’s wolf torn him to bites. And than she did the same to the other man just when helped arrived. She was protective of Myanna,  Caress’s wolf wouldn’t let anybody near. But when she changed she was devastated. On top of that, Ford Giovanni was one of the Wolves to come help, she just couldn’t face him. He had every women for miles, could get and had his pick. But he was older than Caress, 9 years older and also Caress’s Mate. I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

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