Are you someone who loves reading something a little different,
if so your going to have trouble putting Jeff Lee’s “Hurricane Kretchman” down.
Going into the world of Bounty a Hunter who has the natural ability to annoy, challenge and always find a way to have a good fight while enticing the reader to laugh histerically at his antics, is why this Author is known for this particular style of writing.
Mr Lee creates a world with such
vivid imagery that in your mind’s eye the whole book could play out as a movie, with the characters taking you along with them as they deal with kidnapping, bikers, extortion and people disappearing in strange ways.
This book will keep you hooked until the very last page, chuckling as you follow the dialogue to the final scene.
Come and meet these entertaining character’s as they continue the series of Jeff Lee’s"La La Land" finding the most unusual situation’s that people could commit murder, as they cunningly deal with each circumstance, the laughter is found through out the whole book, grab a copy TODAY your going to be challenged by where you end up.***

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