New Beta Software, Let’s See How It Helps.

As a reasonably new reviewer, blogger and Beta-Reader to this industry, ( New as being one who, up until recently, was unaware of how things opperated, re; Review’s,blogging and Beta-Reading, within the indie community) it became extremely important to me to learn and find out everything I could on how to present digital book’s and their advantages to the Australian reader’s market. EXACTLY WHAT E-BOOK’S AND THEIR AUTHOR’S CAN GIVE TO THE READER’S, THROUGH THE DIGITAL MARKET.

I am not saying that Australia is way behind where Technology is concerned eg, purchasing online occur’s in numerous area’s, but as a country that is able to stand back and see both the positive’s and the negative’s, due to being at least 6 months behind where fashion and electronic’s are concerned, we are aware that there are numerous loop holes with purchasing online no matter how vigilant everyone has become,so many people still are resistant to having their details available for buying online.Even though the younger generation were educted with technology, and have been taught to have their lives deeply involved with technology, those of us who only used computer’s at work, or for fun at home, had still not found or would not accept the advantages of allowing the digital world to become a big part of our daily lives.

SOOOOO the reason I am choosing to chat with you about the Beta-Reader assistance this website has given us the chance to try and. …..possibly use in the future. …is completely connected to what I have just been chatting with you about earlier in this post. Being a Beta-Reader. .I feel. Extremely important to both the Author and the reader’s.Those who are going to purchase the book need to know that everything has been done for them to present a novel that’s of the highest quality.In each area of any book’s growth, those who are part of the amazing indie family find out early that they deal with each level of producing a book on their own. So Beta-Reader’s have become an intricate part of this process,for Authors who knows what the best possible outcome for their book can be.They find a reader, someone who has both experience and knowledge with reading and sees things that may have been overlooked by other’s,to Beta-read what’s been written and give their opinion.Viewing scenes and information from a perspective that differs from the way the Author saw it helps the Author to include certain events or to change dialogue or eg, being more concise with specific facts, or by simply making a suggestion with simple presentation giving the view from the reader’s perspective. The Beta-Reader has the ability to disconnect from the Author who is integrated within each word,their view and understanding comes from creative storyline that’s been written for the reader’s to love and enjoy. Anyone who understands the creativity and spiritual involvement that goes into relaying detailed information into a non fiction novel, know how deeply part’s of the writer are included into the development of every little scene written. So in my opinion, this new software we have been given a chance to try, ( if it’s well done ) can only help in the development of the features needed for a Beta-Reader, especially as part of whats needed for a good Beta-Reader is organisation, and natural descptive abilities.

To help the Australian market grow in the E-Book industry, those of us who read and have become integrated into promoting book’s and know how to sell through networking on social media, are trying to show to everyone just how easy and convenient it is to read through the digital network.Simply put anything that’s going to help any blogger or reviewer to assist these amazing Author’s with their book editing can only be a positive action, especially when Author’s from the indie community have to do so much themselves.

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