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K.C.Stewart is an Author who knows exactly how to relay her thought’s and idea’s to her reader’s with exception.

To Far Gone; is F*R*E*E* on Amazon 24/7.

This is Book 1 in the series “Paranormal” Adirondack Pack shifter series.

If you enjoy reading Paranormal, with a storyline that’s a combination of humorous, drama, dramatic and endearing, then this really is something you should read. You get to meet two loveable character’s who have both been through extremely horrific situation’s in their lives. Both have made a dramatic change in their lifestyle, hoping to leave the horror behind.

A Paranormal Romance Suspense Novel that’s going to keep you glued to each page. Ms Stewart has presented us with a storyline that can easily be related to real life circumstances, 2 broken hearted people who are suffering in their souls from action’s they took causing death of people they knew. Sadie James protected herself against a stalker, and while doing this she had to save her life by taking his. Being continually harassed from his family, she decided to move to Adirondack, hoping to leave the fear and nightmares behind.

Tyson Cartwright also suffer’s from a PTS disorder, being a wolf shifter he chose to stay away from his human form, this way he will not be able to suffer as a human being does because as a wolf they are limited to living as their natural wild side demands, he can ignore the memories that plagued him, but the call of the wild is a strong force, will he be strong enough to keep a balance between the two

These two character’s handle the event’s with a cheeky demeanor, Sadie is unaware of the world of Shifter’s, so after taking a walk in the woods near her new home, trying to get familiar with her surroundings she is suddenly attached by a wolf who look’s as though she would be a wonderful meal. She is amazed when suddenly another wolf appears and protect’s her from this fiercely aggressive opponent, unaware that this particular shifter is a major cause of Tyson’s painful memories. Through her superb narration Ms Stewart gives us a tantilizing view of how these two character’s finally meet and become friends. Due to Tyson saving her life Sadie realised that he is not going to harm her in any way, actually they have a wonderful repore, so Tyson becomes her pet, giving him a place to stay as he watch’s over Sadie.

In a manner that is quite funny the storyline is really entertaining as we become entwined with how this situation benefits both these genuine people, along with the different twist’s and turn’s continually occuring around both Tyson and Sadie as they deal with numerous dangerous and dramatic situation’s that seem to follow them wherever they go. During this whole time Sadie is completely unaware that Tyson is part human, yet realising he stirs strange emotion’s within her.

The whole novel will keep you captivated, putting down the book before you know how this whole crazy situation is going to sort itself out is totally impossible. Even though this is an emotional and romantic book with a combination of character’s that will keep you glued to the pages while you chuckle at the event’s that keep happening, its one of the few Paranormal shifter stories that has no sexual activities within the scenes. Beautifully written with a very unusual plot thats going to take you into a world where the unknown has to become known .

The Adirondack Pack series has 6 Book’s

Over the Line Bk O.5 dp/BOOSQRMMCI/ref=1a

To Far Gone Bk 1 dp/B00XJPSJO2/ref=pd

Grab this amazing series of shifter’s with a difference.

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