As usual your promotion for this book has been preserved superbly.
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Stubborn Pride by Jade Cary is NOW LIVE!

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Ainsley Vaughn had no idea what she was getting into in the day she met attorney Rhys Merrick. An award-winning costume designer for the daytime soap opera, The Charmings, Ainsley finds herself in trouble when she takes the blame for an accident in order to save the reputation of the inebriated star of the show. Her misguided kindness hides a deeper truth that Rhys Merrick is determined to uncover.

Rhys Merrick avoids relationships that last more than one night, but after meeting southern spitfire Ainsley Vaughn he questions his thinking. But first he must get to the bottom of why she is taking the blame for a fatal accident he knows she had no fault in. Saving the adorable mess is only the beginning. But can he make room for her in his already complicated…

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