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The author of Urban Fairy Tales: A Short Story Collection and Descendants of Thor Trilogy, first book of which was just recently released.

S.A. Ashdown is my latest discovery, as I was lucky to pick up her new release few weeks ago. I was amazed by her debut novel and the writing skill and style. S.A. Ashdown has the ability to create music with words and each of her sentences resonates with melody. I felt lost in the story, and a bit overwhelmed with the author’s ability to follow several complex plot lines and interweave them together, create lifelike three-dimensional characters and a complex multi-layered world. The author graciously agreed to answer several questions about herself and her writing.


Q1: Please tell us a bit about yourself. What made you become an author and how did your life change since you published your first novel?

A1: I live in England, and…

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