This is the first book I have read by Solease M Barner, but I have to admit I was impressed by the storyline plus how superbly written this book is.
Even though it’s not a long book you are going to get a great deal of enjoyment from a Paranormal Romance story with plenty of intrigue and curiosity from the character’s. After being put in an unwinnable situation Carmen has spent most of her life being groomed to be the wife of another ruling family, this is something she has been terrified of ever since she was informed of the decision.
Due to a change in circumstances, Carmen has been granted her wish, she’s free from being married to that particular family due to a death. But suddenly she’s being requested to visit the new king, talk about jumping from one situation into another.
Ms Barner presented circumstances that often occur no matter who you are, this character finds herself back in a similar situation, wanted as marriageable material, but now she finds herself looking at her new offer to be a wife with major interest.
King Jumo has succeeded to the throne due to the death of the past king of Hati dying, and finds that the the beautiful female dragon Carmen is definitely one who he cannot get his mind off, is she as interested, as he is. This whole book is centered around these two tantilizing character’s trying to prevent themselves from allowing their attraction to each otherto stop them from achieving certain goals they are both aiming to achieve. I don’t want to give away to much about the storyline, but believe me its extremely entertaining and you cannot help but smile at how perfect these two determined people,are for each other, one of the main problem’s Junno has is his natural reaction to be very bossy and determined to get his own way. Will the two of them end up together or are character defects going to interfere with Carmen’s and Junno’s feeling’s for each other and the plan’s each have and want to achieve.
Your going to find that this book is rather difficult to put down, especially as its not a long story, but the Author has done a magnificent job introducing us to this series with “Desired Revenge”. If Paranormal Romance is what you like to read then this will be perfect, grab your copy today.

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