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Shawna is definitely my kinda lady. Its wonderful to see a Lady who can take care of herself while making sure law breaker’s are being detained. Jeff Lee’s book are an amazing contradiction, full of fun and games, while dealing with fast paced action along with murder, kidnapping and numerous other thing’s. This really is an awesome novel, your going to find putting it down is difficult especially when you can’t stop laughing at the situation’s these characters get themselves into.
This is definitely a laugh a minute, but in all honesty, you are going to be surprised at how closely some event’s come to what is happening today. Do NOT miss this book or you will kick yourself.

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Welcome all you veterans and dirt cowboys, you Hog aficionados of all kinds. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you characters from the books you love. Today, my special guest is Shawna Kretchman, Chief of police on the Pine Creek Indian reservation. “Welcome to the show, Shawna.”

“Aww…thanks, Lisa. I’ve heard a lot about you. (From my other half, the one with the big mouth…) Really looking forward to meeting you.”

“Nice to finally meet you. We had your friend, Fish, on the show last year.”

“Oh, really? What did he say about me? Gotta tell ya, parts of me are afraid to ask…and I love the guy.”

“Nice things, I promise. He said something about a motor home in Twin Falls, and you putting him in jail, twice. But it was all really nice.”

“That’s right, Lisa. Locked him and his two buds up…

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  1. Michelle — THANK YOU so much for that incredible intro!!! Can’t thank you enough for your support.


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