SCROTUS, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Meet a few of those who are superb character’s within

this book. >>>> ☆☆☆☆

Meet a few of those involved in this superb novel by

Jeff Lee, you will never find a satire so unusually tenacious or fictitiously accurate, yet full imagination.

He was invited back to have a radio interview with LisaBurtonRadio. As his new book was about to make its introduction to the world, Jeff decided these two talented and creative character’s would get together on May 17th so we could meet this wonderful woman “Lisa Burton” the major talent on the show, (even though she also is created by another Author’s ability, giving himself a perfect way to speak his thought’s and idea’s to the world), and Jeff’s character “Shawna Kretschman” who has been a central part of the plot in x 1 other book “Hurricane Kretschman” and now find’s herself becoming the pivotal point on how and where this novel is going to take us.

But as the Author of this New Book “So Called Ruler Of The U S. ..S.C.R.O.T.U.S… Jeff realized Shawna was quickly devoping into a very genuine and important character within both the plot and overall storyline, so when an Author writes like Jeff does, you give the character carte blanch to where she/he is leading the novel.

So I hope you get great fun and enjoyment out of this interview, knowing that this book had only just gone “Live” on May 16th. A book Release event on Facebook occured, and is still open for a few more days, so anyone who would LOVE to W*I*N* a Kindle Fire or F*R*E*E* Book’s or gift cards, only need to pop over to the page and follow the simple requirements set.

Oops sorry “Lisa” I get a little over excited when someone I believe in has created a book I know the world should read.

Anyway. …let’s meet both Shawna Kretschman and “Fish” Fishbein, who are both very much the laughter, investigators and in many ways the soul of where you are taken within this book and are definitely, along with other military personnel, the people who stand up to speak for and represent those within the neglected part of the circle of the US civilization, so within the book they create a perfect understanding for everyone to follow.

Pop over to the “LisaBurtonRadio” show and read the discussion “Shawna” and “Lisa” have, both are extremely entertaining and have questions and answers from many perspective’s.

This really is different for a radio show but its certainly out of the certainly different group which I always prefer to get involved with. This show can be viewed on a site called coldhandboyack….Entertaining Stories, “LisaBurtonRadio” is the cleaver development by the host of Entertaining Stories, so please take a look at this site I think your going to be amazed.

☆☆☆ Thankyou Again guy’s for handling Shawna so well, such a strong character woman, can often find other’s may not take to her so well but “Lisa Burton” you did a great job. Hope to see or hear from you again soon .

Lisa Burton

This is just an old photo I found of Shawna, a little before she grabbed her Harley and bumping into the love if her life…..Definitely a natural with a gun!!


The one flag/emblem known the world over. One that can never be mistaken, also representing everything that country stand’s for. ☆☆☆☆☆


☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

Meet Mr “Fish” Fishbein, this is not one of his better photo’s but no matter what! !! he is still the balance to “Shawna”

The one person who throughout the whole book who keeps

the facts and information upfront for all to see and be aware of, especially once certain military become involved. ….

These awesome people finally get the only thing they ever really wanted…to be treated like the normal healthy people they are, including getting clean fresh water to drink.

☆☆☆ Make sure you grab S.C.R.O.T.U.S TODAY this is a novel worth reading, both from a fictional point of view, plus from an individual view also, one great read….

This is the Sioux Nation’s medalion showing thrir colour’s plus the circle of life….

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