#WIP Wednesday – TCOSseries book 3

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Well it is time for WIP Wednesday (since I finally remembered, whoopsie haha)

sorry I haven’t been on the ball lately. Trying to get the third book out there to you. I am now at the 71 k word marker, so yay, this is getting real.

So without further adieu, here you are. I hope you enjoy. 🙂  Hugs to everyone.

All her memories, bad and good rush back to her at the sound of her birthmother’s name. Gabrian halts, disrupting the smooth pristine placement of the white sands at her feet. “Wait a minute, you know Cera?”

Rhada looks down at her, his face warm and inviting, giving her a quick, golden eyed glance dancing in humour and accompanied a cheerful smirk to curl upon his lips. “We have met a time or two.”

Gabrian turns, and grapples onto his white cottoned sleeves, pulling him into…

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