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Mirror: An Enchanted Anthology

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Enchanted Anthologies Presents Mirror, A Dark Fairytale Anthology

Red Queen by R. L. Weeks
Things take a strange turn as Elise finds herself amongst some of the craziest minds in Wonderland. Queen Anne will stop at nothing. Elise won’t rest until she finds out the truth.

Find out how Elise became the most feared Queen in all the lands.

Weaver’s Curse by Jessi Mcpherson
There’s a tale told of a curse. A tale of darkness and of hate but it more than a tale. It’s a warning of what could happen. What will you give? Is your soul for Sale? If you call on the Weaver it now belongs to Hell.

The Empties by Lorah Jaiyn
Dack watches the Empties, waiting. One by one he stalks them, until hecatches them alone. They have a small window to take his test.


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