Kat in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Bookishly Romantic

Published: October 2015

So this was a really short novel. Like 74 pages worth of a novel which barely makes it more than a short story. But this one was written so that we could read about Kat’s development as a witness. She is fighting for team slayers and going head-to-head with the baddies of Anima past.

When she discovers that Frosty is going to die she knows she can’t let that happen so instead of warning him she finds out who is going to save him. That would be one traitorous Milla Marks. She doesn’t want that woman within 100 feet of Frosty but she knows that she’ll do anything to protect him and Milla will want to get the trust of her slayers back after Kat returns her memories.

Though this was a very short novel (and slightly over priced on amazon) it helped to clear up a…

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