Review of “Leather Horizons”, by Laverty Sparks @Sparkswriter

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Meet Misty Briscoe, 42, a Chicago entertainment journalist, who hangs out in blue-collar bars and even Chicago boardrooms, and contemplates giving up one for the other. Either way, will the decision be the right one?

In the meantime, you will be introduced to Misty’s best friend Rebyl Miles. Owner of a southwestern Michigan resort, she has plans and deadlines, refusing to slow down in the fast lane of life. This woman is bold, street-smart, and enterprising, often gambling with dangerous encounters. She defies conventionalism. But there is one clear challenge that soon becomes an enemy.

Adding intrigue to the plot, Misty’s elderly grandfather vanishes along with his deceased wife’s body leaving a community waiting for clues. The answer comes just in time. One obvious savior, reserved, industrious, with nothing to prove, gets caught up in an unselfish act leading to a surprising revelation.

But when Misty meets entrepeuneur Austin Matthews…

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