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MERCY by India R. Adams
Release date : October 31st 2018
Mercy is the third novel in Forever, a crossover series
Genre: NA/Realistic Metaphysical/Romance
Price: Special pre-order price of $0.99 (will go up to 4.99$ once live)
Sale: First novel, Serenity, is now on sale for $0.99, a $3 saving!


The large front yard that I used to play in as a child is now overgrown with weeds and brush. I force myself to take a cleansing breath. The dilapidated state of this house, and how dark the inside appears to be, whispers to me in a cruel fashion. Old memories of my mom’s drinking have me fearing a part of my life that I’m certain will always haunt me. Memories of Father’s abuse and kidnapping attempts have my body downright shaking as if he’s already been released from prison.

The beast stalks the fairy
The fairy chases the…

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