ARC Review of “ScaRred: Demons of Hell, Book 1”, by Elizabeth Knox @givemebooksblog and @eknoxbooks

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A story about a woman who has to live with her choices. If she had made a different choice years ago, her life would be easier now. Roxanne “Roxy” Stevens was a young girl who lost her father to a terrible accident when she was 16. She was left to fend for herself and thought she found the people that would protect her and keep her safe.

Rage a man who has no heart. He is a dangerous man who takes what he wants and has no limits to what he will do to keep his property and do with it as he wants. Most of the men in his MC are afraid of him and will do anything he tells them to so that they can survive. He is the President of the Demons of Hell MC that he started at a young age with his best friend Vince…

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