The Battle For Heaven's Gate

What the hell?!” Abbadon screamed, when he walked in and caught sight of the mess that once was Mastema. His voice could be heard all throughout the belly of Hell. echoing through the caves. “We finally have a chance at finishing what Lucifer never could, and one fuck up can ruin it all!? Belial!!” Belial walked in as Mastema’s wing was being cauterized by Abbadon. “He’s back for sure…” Abbadon said to him. “And, from what I hear, he’s stronger than ever.”

“So what,” Belial boasted. “We have mankind eating out of our hands…which means God’s powers are fading, with every soul we sway. And as for the bastard child, I’ll take a small army and dispose of him immediately.

Mastema pipped up, “He is stronger than the legends say…he took out a small army. I understand he has already taken out several small armies today, not just…

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