Who could ignore this majestic site.

These beauties were filmed ofc the coast of the East Coast of California. Often here in Australia at this time of year they choose to dance for us. Where once they held a great amount of fear towards us, that has now stopped due to the protective status they share.

Here are a couple of extra pictures for you ….

One thing I want to do is swim with the dolphins…..

That is one dream I want to fulfill

Such magnificent creatures…..

If I ever make it out to California, I am definitely taking one of these tour’s

They must have been following the warm currents on their way back. down south…

When you consider the size of these amazing mammals, it makes you wonder how they can jump so high..

I thought it would be nice for us all to see why protection is so vitally important…..

How often do Want to say this to others, especially when we are having a terrific day??….

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