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You are going to be thrilled with the storyline that Ms Fox has created for us to become enthralled with.

It is highly addictive, pulling you into its multi-faceted tale with the numerous layer’s that this book cover’s. Everything from action, drama, powerful descriptive dialogue with a web of intrigue that develops into twists and turn’s you never expect, your not quite sure what is going to pop up next. Its awesome at how superbly this Author is able to pull everything together into a cohesive and complicated plot. While never loosing her reader’s as they take this challenging trip with the entertaining character’s Lea and Nieve along with their assortment of allies who are just as entriging as our two main heroines.

I have read a number of Carmen Fox’s books before, but this has to be one of her best, giving us scenarios you never in your wildest dreams would contemplate. No sooner has the plot gone in a certain direction and you begin to believe that you might have some idea of the outcome “Wham” another curve ball is thrown into the thick of things.

If Urban Fantasy is what you love to read there is no way you are going to want to pass this by, with the colourful characters that pull you into their world’s, plus some very tantilizing questions that are played within this storyline that could easily be related to our lives ( world) in certain ways, this novel is going to be pulling you with these terrific character’s throughout everything they experience.

I just hope book # 2 is not far behind because this is a series Ms Fox could run with and have so much fun with. Grab your copy TODAY and enjoy all the trouble and drama these two ladies get themselves into.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2zcjOzo

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Carmen Fox

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