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Stone Heart (The Gargoyle Protectors Book 1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ariel Marie has been a favorite Paranormal Author of mine fo
But I MUST SAY this would have to be in the top listing of her Best, Amazing, Tantilizing, Gripping, Absolutely Fantastic book’s that she has written.
We meet the perfect couple who both exude power and strength beyond anyone else’s measure.
Our two sizzling character’s are both under the impression life has already decided their pathways and destiny, Boy!!! Are they in for a shock.
Rhina suddenly find’s herself in the middle of the Supernatural world, aware those on earth are completely blind to the world’s different dimensions and Paranormal lives that surround them daily.
We are given a beautiful example of how a woman who is not a child’s birth mother can love, protect and cherish her daughter no matter who gave birth to her, which is central to the theme throughout the novel.
This truly is a fast paced adventure taking the reader’s into a number of dramatic situation’s that have you holding your breath, awaiting the outcome. Knowing the depth and intensity that has suddenly taken over Rhodack and Rinna, you find yourself continually turning the pages with no intention of putting it down.
This Author is an artist in her field with her descriptive dialogue and imagery you’re very much a part of the world and life of those experiencing such an explosive desire, love and knowledge of being mates, during these descriptive scenes the intensity cannot be ignored.
Talk about discovery, plus their lives and world being besieged the fae and Gargoyle’s are drawn into circumstances beyond anything expected, but there is no way such strong protectors will give an inch to allow what they have complete belief in to change.
Sizzling hot scenes are often found in the Supernatural world, but between this two powerhouse couple it excels to another level, especially as the Gargoyle’s alpha must have a harem, which his mate learns to understand The chemistry between these two Rhodack and Rinna is off the chart’s with detailed scenes that leave nothing to your imagination, you are there with them as they experience diverse love inside a plot that
shows us how the strong protective love of both partner, mate and parent’s all contribute to the growth of Rinna. As reader’s you’re drawn into this web of intrigue and explosive action that is executed in a masterful manner, Ariel Marie has achieved a brilliant level developing a plot with an outcome that leaves you holding your breath, while becoming totally invested as to how these mates can find a way to stay together as one.
If this is the only Paranormal Romance Book that you read this year, PLEASE do so, your going to be absolutely Thrilled and amazed at how superbly this plot comes together. Grab your copy TODAY.

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