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All these books are available for FREE today and possibly tomorrow.

As you can see this book is definitely available from Amazon, they finally got around to getting the  book published.



Kim Grosso will always challenge your pre-concieved notion about how the world is meant to function.

Even though she enjoys writing on the genré Paranormal, Kim is  naturally able to take both her reader’s and her characters into realms thst should not be possible yet with her uncanny imagination and descriptive style, Kim will take you into all manner of action packed drama while still ensuring the romance is alive and growing,



F*R*E”E BOOK’S TO ENJOY THROUGH HALLOWEEN, Take a leaf out of the lives she creates and maintain you live each day as if it’s your last while never allowing the loving relationship to be sidetracked for any reason.

You will be kept amazed with how  tenacious the vampire who falls for Sydney becomes, your ideas about analysis will pale in comparison to how much analytical thought and contemplation goes through Kade as he attempts to stay in love while sticking to the specific conditions he is bound by.

A Great Read grab yours now while free.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D2SPRCQ

This is a special treat, an arc that  needs reader’s & reviewer’s.

With the virus still prevelent, there is a huge loss of blogger’s, reviewer’s plus some of the best reader’s around.

So if it’s possible anyone who reads  this could you PLEASE PLEASE leave a review so that the next person who likes the look of the book can check out what other’s thought.

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